Unlock the Power of Your Meditation Practice.

You can find a happier life with meditation. We're here to help. ThriVe is a unique system of self-inquiry that helps you unlock the power of your meditation practice by engaging its five crucial energies: Inspiration, Commitment, Connection, Adaptiveness, and Openness.

Whether you're new to meditation or have years of experience, the ThriVe system can help you open into a stronger, more engaged practice—and all that comes with it, from better sleep and lower stress to greater self-acceptance and kinder relationships.

Pssst: Meditation is Hard.

Meditation is simple, but that doesn't make it easy. If you're struggling with your meditation practice, you're not alone! Most meditation practitioners wrestle constantly with questions like the following:

  • Why is this so boring?

  • Why can't I stop thinking?

  • Am I doing it right?

  • Why isn't it working?

  • I love meditation whenever I do it—so why do I never do it?

There's nothing at all unusual or worrisome about these questions, and every one of them is workable. If you let them continue to weigh on you, though, you may find yourself meditating less often and less wholeheartedly than you'd like—and, like far too many people, you may stop practicing altogether.

The first step is to understand what makes your meditation practice tick.

ThriVe Guides You to the Right Insights for Your Own Practice.

No two meditators, and no two meditation practices, are alike. Based on the wisdom of a Tibetan system called the Five Wisdom Energies, ThriVe is a framework for identifying the most important threads within your practice with gentleness and precision.

ThriVe helps you see your meditation practice in a clear and structured way, and the natural result is a set of actionable, collaboratively generated, just-right-for-you insights that will immediately strengthen your practice.

Introducing the Five Facets of a Thriving Meditation Practice.

Every meditation practice draws on different energies: the inspiration to start, the willpower to continue, the curiosity to keep learning, and so on.

Together, these energies form a five-part system of essential ingredients, all of which your meditation practice needs to thrive. A meditation practice that includes these five ingredients—the Five Facets of a thriving meditation practice—will be:


Imbued with vision and purpose


We all have our reasons for meditating, and every reason's a good one. Inspiration—direct, personally relevant experience of the richness and power of meditation—is what breathes life into a meditation practice.


Disciplined and steady


A meditation practice is just that: an ongoing discipline of engaging directly with one's mind and heart. Commitment translates the other four Facets into steady, consistent action.

Supported in Community


Forging supportive relationships with other meditators is both a joy, and an absolute necessity for a flourishing practice. Connection is finding the right meditation relationships and communities for you.


Inquisitive and ever-learning


Meditation is an endless journey into one's own experience of truth. Adaptiveness is the spirit of clarity and boundless inquiry that helps us learn and grow, and keeps our practice strong through all kinds of change.

Kind, Patient, and spacious


The essence of meditation is the discovery of a mind and heart that is gentle, kind, spacious, and sane. Openness is not only a sense of friendliness and self-acceptance on the journey—openness is also the destination.


Ready to build a flourishing meditation practice?

About the Founder


Fred Meyer is a lifelong meditation practitioner in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. He is a trained meditation instructor, group meditation facilitator, and Shambhala Guide, and has completed several month-long meditation retreats and dozens of shorter retreats, as well as a one-year residency at Karmê Chöling Shambhala Meditation Center.

In addition to his work with ThriVe, Fred is Director of Group Support for the Ziji Collective, a global network of meditation groups in 75 cities, and cofounder of Medivate, an online platform which has helped thousands of people meditate over 100,000 hours since its founding in 2012.

Fred lives in New Orleans with his fiancée, Clara, and his dog, Lucy, where he is founder and co-leader of a weekly meditation group. In his spare time, he enjoys jazz piano and standup comedy.

What We Offer in a ThriVe Consultation

The best way to get clarity on your meditation practice is a one-hour ThriVe Consultation. You'll meet with Fred on a video or audio call (whichever you're most comfortable with) for a shared exploration of your practice.

Your ThriVe consultation isn't just a one-off meeting: it's a five-step process designed to draw out actionable insights that will really work for you, and help you incorporate them into the daily flow of your life.

1. Preparation and Principles-Setting

Before your consultation, you'll receive Guide to Your ThriVe Consultation. This PDF document covers key principles for our work together, including:

  1. A quick summary of the Five Facets.
  2. "Guilt-Free Zone": Why guilt (and a feeling of "did I do my homework?") is never a part of any ThriVe conversation or process, and how we take steps to actively remove guilt from the equation.
  3. "Collaborative Insight": How we work together to find what will work in your own practice, rather than us issuing prescriptions.
  4. "Have To, Want To, Should": How a "should" mentality actually saps action, and how to look for changes in your life that you're either genuinely excited for ("want to"), or that you genuinely recognize as a necessity for you ("have to")—or both!

2. Gentle, structured Inquiry into Your Meditation Practice.

In your consultation itself, we'll begin with a brief period of meditation. After that, the first part of our conversation together is a five-part tour of your meditation practice, guided by the Five Facets of the ThriVe system. Each step takes the form of simple questions that tap the essence of how that Facet is operating in your own practice.

3. Collaborative, Actionable Insights from the ThriVe System.

Examining your meditation practice using the ThriVe system makes identifying next steps for strengthening your practice a transparent and collaborative process. These insights are natural progressions that we identify together based on your own inspirations and needs—not homework or prescriptions.

4. ThriVe Diagram.

After the conversation, you'll receive a ThriVe Diagram: a visual resource describing your practice, mapped out visually along the Five Facets.

ThriVe diagram from a client consultation

ThriVe diagram from a client consultation


You'll also receive full text notes of the conversation, and ThriVe Consultation Follow-Up, a PDF document discussing how the principles of our work together (exploring without guilt, and remembering "Have To/Want To/Should") can apply to your daily practice.

5. Email Follow-Ups and Opportunities for Further Conversation.

We also follow up by email one week and one month after your consultation to see how your practice has been. We'll reattach your Thrive Diagram on both follow-ups, as a visual guide to the key points of our conversation.

These follow-ups are opportunities to discuss any questions or ideas that have arisen since your consultation. We're also happy to schedule further phone or video consultations if a one-to-one discussion will be most helpful.


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